FODS Commands

This page contains all the commands which were on the original FODS disk. All command files were disassembled using Dessaintes disassembler by me for relocation purposes. Each command has a RAE-1 generated assembly in text format, a paper tape file and a RAE source code file. Using the program, SYM Link, will allow simple transfers of the RAE format files for easy assembling using the serial port. 

NOTE: The RAE format files cannot be read by conventional word processors, i.e. notepad, word, etc. These files can be read by loading the program using SYM Link and then using RAE.

Program                             Text Format         Paper Tape            RAE Format

Boot Loader:                        BOOT.TXT        BOOT Paper Tape     BOOT.RAE

FODS Software:                   FODS.TXT        FODS Paper Tape      FODS.RAE

Format Disk:                         *FM.TXT           *FM Paper Tape        *FM.RAE 

Copy To Disk:                      CPY.TXT           CPY Paper Tape        CPY RAE

Delete File Name:                  DEL.TXT           DEL Paper Tape         DEL RAE

Display Directory:                  DIR.TXT            DIR Paper Tape          DIR RAE

Bytes Remaining on Disk:       FRE.TXT           FRE Paper Tape          FRE RAE

Load File Number:                 LDN.TXT          LDN Paper Tape         LDN RAE

Change Name:                       NAM.TXT         NAM Paper Tape        NAM RAE

Pack Disk:                             PAK.TXT          PAK Paper Tape         PAK RAE

Change Address of:               REA.TXT           REA Paper Tape          REA RAE

Return to FODS                    FOD.TXT          FOD Paper Tape          FOD.RAE

Sort Routine For TED:           SOR.TXT          SOR Paper Tape          SOR.RAE

Block Moves                         BLM.TXT          BLM Paper Tape         BLM.RAE

TED Editor:                           TED.TXT           TED Paper Tape          TED.RAE

Below are user links for BASIC and RAE. There are two versions of the BASIC link. The BAS and NUM files are from the SYM users group and the BAX and NUX files are from HDE. I have included both links. Remember that %BAS and %NUM (line re-number program) must go together and %BAX and %NUX  go together. The %BAS, %RAE, and %NUM source codes are fully commented. If you decide to use the HDE BASIC link remember to rename the file %NUX to %NUM OR alter line 6520 in the %BAX code to the appropriate three character file name for this program to work properly.

BASIC Link Users Group:     BAS.TXT            BAS Paper Tape          BAS.RAE

Re-number (users group):       NUM.TXT           NUM Paper Tape       NUM.RAE

BASIK Link HDE version:     BAX.TXT            BAX Paper Tape         BAX.RAE

Re-number (HDE):                 NUX.TXT           NUX Paper Tape         NUX.RAE

RAE Link:                              RAE.TXT            RAE Paper Tape          RAE.RAE